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Hi! Thanks for coming by! My name is

and I am the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Official Mascot. Learn more about me!

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Who am I?

How old am I?

I was born on the 1st January 2000 (the very first Brazilian three-banded armadillo to be born in the new millennium!) and I am 14 now.

My family and childhood

I was born in the eastern part of Brazil to a line of armadillos that once populated the entire country. In recent years I have travelled the country meeting new people, and every time I take away with me a local custom, habit, expression or fond memory.
I’m still in contact with my parents and siblings and return home at least once a year to play football with my friends. I love to update my social media profiles to keep in contact with my family and friends.

My nationality

As a true Brazilian, I enjoy spending time in open savannahs and dry woodlands, the Amazon rainforest or on any beach on the Brazilian coast, as long as there is a football pitch nearby. Although I used to be very shy, like my fellow armadillo friends, all this travel and making friends has made me self-confident and a proud Brazilian, warm-hearted and hospitable, like so many people in my country.

My species

Something you should know about me is that, as a Brazilian three-banded armadillo (Tolypeutes tricinctus), I belong to one of only two species of armadillo with the ability to roll up into a tight, almost impenetrable ball. When we armadillos do this, the ears are tucked into the shell and the head and tail interlock to seal the shell completely. When threatened, sometimes we do not seal our armour completely, but wait until we are touched. The loose armour of the three-banded armadillo creates a layer of air between the shell and the body, which insulates us and we can therefore travel to parts of Brazil considered too dry for other animals. Cool, huh?

Why the blue shell?

The shell that protects me has evolved to represent the natural beauty of Brazil that I am so committed to protecting. The blue tones represent the sky and clear waters in and around Brazil, which are full of life. The colours also contrast with the green tones of a football pitch and enable me to stand out when I am playing my favourite sport!

What about the blue ball?

I really enjoy playing practical jokes on my friends. My trademark is confusing my friends on the football pitch by suddenly snapping into a ball during a match. When I score a goal I usually celebrate by doing the "armadillo roll”.

What do I like?

My hobbies

I am curious (nosy!) and love to explore, I am adventurous! Unlike most armadillos, I am really sociable, love dancing and all types of music, of course Brazilian music is my favourite! I love to keep up to date with my family and friends, especially through social media, when I am traveling around Brazil.

I love football

I learned to stand on my hind feet from playing so much football, which says it all really! My favourite sporting pastime is playing football and I use it to bring people together. Football helps me keep fit and stay healthy. Above all, I am a fair player. I respect my opponents because I share the same passion for football as they do. I play with purpose and joy, and celebrate the goals I score with my famous "armadillo roll”, no matter where I am - on the beach, on the street, in the park or in the stadium.

My idols

I admire football players from all around the world, but Ronaldo and Pelé are my favourites. I also admire people who respect each other as well as nature.

My tastes and hobbies

I love to watch the latest animated films and play video games on my computer whenever I can. I also like to draw and read cartoon and comic books.

My diet

Unlike other armadillos, I don't like insects so much, but prefer healthy, high-energy foods to fuel me for long games of football, and of course I also enjoy a treat now and again! My main diet includes vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. The cashew nut is one of my favourite snacks. I also love the cashew fruit juice. You should try it!

My routine

I love to dance!

As an ambassador for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, I have special dance moves to celebrate Brazil’s unique rhythm and encourage kids (and grown-ups!) all over the world to be part of the FIFA World Cup™. Besides the "armadillo roll”, my repertoire includes some special dance moves inspired by the samba, forró, frevo and axé.

I have a mission

On top of my ambition to unite the world through football, my life is dedicated to protecting Brazil’s spectacular nature and to preserve it for the next generation. The "vulnerable” (and previously "endangered”) status of my species makes me very aware of this need and I set an example to others so that Brazil’s natural beauty can be respected and protected for the future. My innovative defense mechanism, my diverse ancestry, my passion for football and my love of life all convey an important message: that we must take care of Brazil’s majestic environment. Join me on my mission!

I really like to travel

Another passion of mine is travel. I love traveling around Brazil and will soon start visiting many other countries around the world! Another thing about me that I cannot hide is that I love to pose for photos!

What do I like?


I love my role as one of the main ambassadors for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. This section is my homage to the guys who had the same privilege in past editions of the FIFA World Cup™. Please check out my friends!


1970 FIFA World Cup Mexico™

Winner: Brazil


1978 FIFA World Cup Argentina™

Winner: Argentina


1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico™

Winner: Argentina


1990 FIFA World Cup Italy™

Winner: Germany FR


1994 FIFA World Cup USA™

Winner: Brazil


1998 FIFA World Cup France™

Winner: France

Ato, Kaz and Nik

2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™

Winner: Brazil

Goleo VI

2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™

Winner: Italy


2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

Winner: Spain













Ato, Kaz and Nik


Goleo VI